OneDolphin Apatosaurus aka Brontosaurus


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    • IT’S A INCREDIBLE GIFT.13 inches long (from head to tail), 5 inches high, 2 inches wide, net weight is 16 ounces. The whole body of OneDolphin(TM) Apatosaurus Figure can block a 11-inch or 13-inch notebook’s screen. With such a huge body, there is no way Apatosaurus can hide or disappear into the background, but the literal meaning of Apatosaurus is “Deceptive Lizard”. This is funny.
    • 100% SOLID. The density of OneDolphin(TM) Apatosaurus Figure is approximately 7000 kg/m3(FYI, water density is 1000 kg/m3, steel density is 7850 kg/m3). Made of high-grade, heavy-duty PVC material with no additional bad smell at all.
    • TOP NOTCH CRAFTSMANSHIP. Sculptured and painted very realistically one by one. Despite its long neck, Apatosaurus has limited capability for raising its head, so we make it 5 inches tall, unlike our 7-inch Brachiosaurus figure. And the wrinkles in the skin rippled throughout the whole figure, and the skin textures and underlying musculature are down to the very last detail. Of course, this figure can stand on its own.
    • SUITABLE FOR EVERY DINOSAUR FAN, no matter how old you are. After seeing movies about dinosaurs, kids will be super happy to get hands on this well-made figurine, and simply couldn’t part with it. OneDolphin(TM) Apatosaurus Figure could be a recollection of adult fan’s childhood, the memory might be dim but will definitely be recalled at the first glance.
    • ENHANCED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY AS NEVER BEFORE. For instance,the head is not patched to the body by glue like some others. They are manufactured by integral moulding of plastic, which makes it looks more superior. Pardon us that we don’t have a better way to show you how incredible this is, but we know you will like it.If not, you can return this big animal within 30 days for any reason.