OneDolphin Brachiosaurus


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    • A BIG GIFT. 13 inches long (from head to tail), 7 inches high, 2.5 inches wide, net weight is 14 ounces. OneDolphin(TM) Brachiosaurus (meaning “arm lizard”) Figure has a disproportionately long neck, large overall size. Truth been told, the proportions of brachiosaurus are quite unique – the front leg are longer than the back leg, which resulting in a steeply inclined trunk, and its tail is shorter in proportion to its neck.
    • 100% SOLID. The density of OneDolphin(TM) Brachiosaurus Figure is approximately 7000 kg/m3(FYI, water density is about 1000 kg/m3, steel density is about 7850 kg/m3). Made of high-grade, heavy-duty PVC material with no additional bad smell at all. Without any doubt, this figure can stand on its own, very stable.
    • MORE THAN A TOY. Sculptured and painted very realistically one by one. For example, you can see the nostrils are relatively high on the head, placed almost between the eyes. which based on several jurassic fossil finds in United States and Africa. The wrinkles in the skin rippled throughout the whole figure, and the skin textures and underlying musculature are down to the very last detail.
    • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE, no matter how old you are. After seeing movies about jurassic dinosaurs, kids will be super happy to get hands on this well-made figurine, and simply couldn’t part with it. OneDolphin(TM) Brachiosaurus Figure could be a recollection of adult fan’s childhood, the memory might be dim but will definitely be recalled at the first glance.
    • ENHANCED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY AS NEVER BEFORE. For instance, the head is not patched to the body by glue like some others. They are manufactured by integral moulding of plastic, which makes it looks way more superior. Pardon us that we don’t have a better way to show you how incredible this is, but we know you will like it. If not, you can return this ferocious animal within 30 days for no reason.