OneDolphin Parasaurolophus


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    • A CONSIDERABLE GIFT. 8 inches long (from head to tail), 3 inches high, 2 inches wide, net weight is 3.5 ounces. The most stunning feature of OneDolphin(TM) Parasaurolophus(meaning “near crested lizard”) is the crest on its head.Some believed it was a snorkel for when the animal was in water, others felt that it was used in combat. We now know that it serves for display and for communication, allowing the animals to remain in contact over distance.
    • 100% SOLID. The density of OneDolphin(TM) Parasaurolophus Figure is approximately 7000 kg/m3(FYI, water density is about 1000 kg/m3, steel density is about 7850 kg/m3). Made of high-grade, heavy-duty PVC material with no additional bad smell at all. As an honest seller, we want to tell you that the crest of real parasaurolophus who lived 75 million years ago is hollow, which is pretty interesting.
    • MORE THAN A TOY. The main color of this parasaurolophus figurine is beige green. Sculptured and painted very realistically one by one. The wrinkles in the skin rippled throughout the whole figure, and the skin textures and underlying musculature are down to the very last detail. Of course, this figure can stand on its own, pretty stable.
    • SUITABLE FOR EVERY DINOSAUR FAN, no matter how old you are. After seeing movies about jurassic dinosaurs, kids will be super happy to get hands on this well-made figurine, and simply couldn’t part with it. OneDolphin(TM) Parasaurolophus Figure could be a recollection of adult fan’s childhood, the memory might be dim but will definitely be recalled at the first glance.
    • ENHANCED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY AS NEVER BEFORE. For instance, the leg is not patched to the body by glue like some others. They are manufactured by integral moulding of plastic, which makes it looks way more superior. Pardon us that we don’t have a better way to show you how incredible this is, but we know you will like it. If not, you can return this likable animal within 30 days for no reason.